Gimme Shelter Opening Weekend

In December, I was invited by one of my coworkers to attend a screening in the Phoenix Metropolitan area of a new pro-life film titled, Gimme Shelter (Facebook). Also with us were my pastor and boss, Fr. Will Schmid, and one our young adult parishioners. I had seen some emails about the film from friends who were helping to promote it, but never heard of it before.

To say the least, it was a powerful film from the opening credits! From the moment Vanessa Hudgens appears on screen, the intensity grabs you and you are in for the ride with Apple (Hudgens’ character in the film). It’s not just a film, it’s a movement. Truly – if it is showing in your city or town, go and see it this weekend! If it is not in a theatre near you, contact a theatre and ask them to show it.

The film is a true expression of the sinful nature of the human condition, how suffering can lead to hope and redemption, and how sacrificial love, the love we are called to express and live can turn the hearts of the most hardened and lost.  When Pope Francis speaks of the poor and reaching out to those most in need, this film comes to mind for me. Gimme Shelter is the perfect example of what the Holy Father speaks of when he proclaims the importance of human life and the care we must provide to children and mothers.

Shelters, like the one that is promoted in the film (Several Sources), are greatly needed more and more in our world today. Here in the Diocese of Phoenix we have Maggie’s Place. It’s a beautiful home for women that find themselves pregnant, alone, and on the streets with no place to turn. I would encourage you to check it out and help support them (and places like them), if you have the means to do so.

Please take the time this weekend and see – Gimme Shelter. You will be glad you did.


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