Catholic Priesthood

Happy 5th Anniversary to the Catholic Priesthood!

I want to wish a very Happy 5th Anniversary to the Catholic Priesthood to my boss and Pastor, Fr. Will Schmid. Celebrating this same anniversary with him is Fr. Robert Bolding and Fr. Thielo Ramirez. The three of them are pictured below with the Bishop of the Diocese of Phoenix, Thomas J. Olmsted and the Bishop of the Diocese of Gallup (N.M.), James S. Wall on the day they were ordained – June 6, 2009.

Phx Ordination

From left to right: Fr. Thielo Ramirez, Fr. Will Schmid, Bishop James S. Wall, Bishop Thomas J. Olmsted, and Fr. Robert Bolding.

Being in the Diocese of Phoenix is truly a blessing since we have some of the youngest and most gifted priests of the Catholic Church in the United States. From this year’s vocations poster, I will tell that the future of the particular church in Phoenix is blessed. The Holy Spirit is calling fine, young, and holy men to the Catholic Priesthood. There is a serious Vocation Boom beginning to occur here in Phoenix, around the United States, and it’s continuing to ripple throughout the rest of the world in places like Africa and Asia, as it has been for years now.

If you know of any young men in your parishes that might make good priests, I would encourage you to ask them to check out their local diocesan vocations website or the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website. Since I am from the Diocese of Phoenix, here is our page. For more posts on the Catholic Priesthood, check out this page.

Also want to give a shout-out to my Parochial Vicar, and soon-to-be Chaplain and Theology Teacher at Seton Catholic Prep, Fr. Chris Axline. Fr. Chris celebrated his 1st Year Anniversary this past Sunday, June 1.

St. John Vianney, Patron of Parish Priests…Pray for our priests, those training to be priests, and those who will be ministered by these priests.

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  1. Mr. Perna,

    I just can’t bring myself to up and call you Tom. 

    Your blog for today, especially the prayer request toward the bottom, brings this to mind. You might want to do a blog posting on John 17, Jesus’ high priestly prayer. If you choose to do so, you might want to speak with Ron Daily. He recently did two sessions on this in a Bible study at OLOG Queen Creek. 

    This is a beautiful piece of scripture, simply read, as is; but as a response for the prayers you suggested, it is very powerful. Ron’s approach, essentially verse by verse, was very educational. 

    Thank you for what you do. 

    Dick McLaughlin

    Sent from Samsung tablet

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