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10 Maxims from the Curé of Ars – St. John Vianney

From time to time, I enjoy reading through the thoughts of St. John Vianney because they bring comfort and consolation when I am enduring great trials. Knowing what it’s like to work for a great parish priest, the words of St. John Vianney often remind me of the many words often given from him.

Although these maxims or rules of conduct are generally simple, they are quite penetrating, and if discerned properly, will make a great impact on one’s life. I would encourage you to read through these and really take them to heart. Even though all ten are impactful, the one’s that speak about the Saints truly impact me. That’s the one thing I always find so interesting about the Saints – they talk about the Saints before them and now they themselves are Saints.

St. John Vianney

1. “To approach God one should go straight to Him, like a ball from a cannon.”

2. “Remain humble, remain simple; the more you are so, the more good you will do.”

3. “This is real faith, when we speak to God as we would converse with a man.”

4. “The sun never hides his light for fear of inconveniencing the owls.”

5. “Do not distrust the Providence of God. He who made your corn to grow will assuredly help to gather it in.”

6. “If we possessed a real penetrating faith like the Saints we should see Our Lord like they did.”

7. “Humility is to the various virtues what the chain is to the Rosary; take away the chain and the beads are scattered, remove Humility and all virtues vanish.”

8. “The Saints never complain.”

9. “God acts vigorously and gently; it is good to rely on Him.”

10. “Do not try to please everybody. Try to please God, the Angels, and the Saints – they are your public.”

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