Moral Theology

Quick Lessons from the Catechism: The Morality of Human Acts

In light of the rather troubling and disturbing videos that have been coming out about Planned Parenthood and their selling/harvesting of human body parts, I found today to be a excellent opportunity to examine what the Catechism of the Catholic Church teaches on the Morality of Human Acts. To say the least, these videos have been showing the horror and evil that lies with this organization.

To make matters worse, now it seems that the alleged hacking of the Planned Parenthood website was a PR stunt to produce hatred towards the Pro-Life movement. I have to ask myself – who comes up with these ideas? How can someone’s conscience be so distorted to think that these ideas are a good thing and are beneficial to the common good? To try to blame the Pro-Life movement for such a ploy harkens back to what the Roman Emperor Nero tried to do with the Christians. Nero tried to blame the Christians for the burning of Rome, when in fact; it was Nero himself who gave that order.

Human acts are either good or evil – there is no other way around it. In light of the evil acts we are seeing from Planned Parenthood and organizations associated with them, mainly those that are defending their actions, let’s see what the Catechism teaches on such matters –

The object, the intention, and the circumstances make up the three “sources” of the morality of human acts. [#1757]

The object chosen morally specifies the act of willing accordingly as reason recognizes and judges it good or evil. [#1785]

“An evil action cannot be justified by reference to a good intention” (cf. St. Thomas Aquinas, Dec. praec. 6). The end does not justify the means. [#1759]

A morally good act requires the goodness of its object, of its end, and of its circumstances together. [#1760]

There are concrete acts that it is always wrong to choose, because their choice entails a disorder of the will, i.e., a moral evil. One may not do evil so that good may result from it. [#1761]

To read more on the Morality of Human Acts, I would suggest reading paragraphs 1749-1756 in the Catechism.

Next week, I will publish another Quick Lessons from the Catechism focusing on the Moral Conscience.

Lastly, as difficult as it may be, please pray for the conversion of the hearts of those people who are involved in the Abortion industry. Jesus Christ conquered evil so there is hope for them, but…they need our prayers!! Read about the story of Abby Johnson, it will give you hope in these times.

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