“Mondays with Mary” – Storm Heaven with the Rosary

Recently, after seeing a link for it shared by some friends on Facebook, I signed up through Catholic Action for Faith and Family website to Storm Heaven by praying the Rosary.

How does it work? It’s simple. You sign-up through their website and you pledge to pray the Rosary on the first day of each month. In union with Holy Mass and Rosary said by Cardinal Burke, we can pray the rosary from wherever we are to battle the spiritual confusion our culture is currently enduring. If you are Catholic Bishop or Priest, you can make a pledge to say Holy Mass.

Let us take the fight to the culture, become Prayer Warriors, and join Operation Storm Heaven.

As many of you know, the Rosary has done powerful things in the history of the Catholic Church and world. The Devil hates the Rosary! St. Pio of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio) called the Rosary, “The Weapon” against the Devil.

It happens to also be one of those Marian topics that I have written about many times through this weekly series on Mary. I would encourage you to first sign-up for Operation Storm Heaven and then come back to this blog post to read and learn more about the Holy Rosary – “Mondays with Mary”- How Important is the Holy Rosary? Well, I Have Written on it 13 Times.

I would also encourage you to carry a Rosary with you at all at times in either your front pocket or a purse (if you are woman). I have had a Rosary in my front right pocket since I was 19 years old. For those you who think a medal chain rosary will break in your pocket, you are correct, it will break. That’s why I carry a wooden Rosary made with rope. The beads have broken off before the Rosary pulls apart. Whatever kind of Rosary you have, make sure it’s with you at all times.

Please share this blog post so that your family and friends can join all of us in praying the Rosary together.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary…Pray For Us.

Mary and the Rosary

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  1. I was wondering something, Tom. With signing up and praying as a group, would that be the same as praying the rosary in a group like in church together? You know how when you pray with a group it is all the rosary’s said times each person saying it? Do I have that right?

      • Right. So I guess the souls who would be praying with me at the same time and with this same intention would then be considered, by the Lord, to be praying with me in a group. I would think that is right.

  2. I have been given gold bands on my wrists and ankles and one larger around my waste attached to the waste band is incense that God the father spoons in ashes to burn. Mother on my right and Jesus on my left. I am told to offer all the prayers to God during Holy Communion of all who pray. I don’t know how it works, but all prayers are united in Mother Mary through Jesus to God. Yet all in one.

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