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Aaron Rodgers and the “Hail Mary”

Here is a little Catholic humor to start off your Tuesday –

Source of Meme: Facebook, a friend posted it.

Source of Meme: Facebook, a friend posted it.

In case you don’t know, live in a different country other than the United States, live in the USA but were under a rock on Sunday night, or you just don’t follow the NFL, Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers through two very long passes at the end of the Divisional Playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals. The pass that essentially sent the game into overtime, which was won by the Cardinals, was a “Hail Mary” pass. Watch the pass below –


The “Hail Mary” pass originated with two of the four Horseman from the University of Notre Dame. It had to do with a desperation pass that only with divine intercession would be successful. For the most part, until Roger Staubach, the term was only confined to Notre Dame football and other Catholic colleges. The “Hail Mary” phrase become widely popular after the aforementioned Dallas Cowboy Quarterback threw a very long game winning pass to Drew Pearson in a game against the Minnesota Vikings on December 28, 1975. Staubach, a Roman Catholic, said after the game, “I closed my eyes and said a Hail Mary.”

An hour after the amazing plays by Aaron Rodgers, I was home watching television and noticed that everyone talking about the passes kept saying, “Hail Mary.” On my Twitter feed, I posted this: The best part about Rodgers throwing those long passes – ESPN, Local News, NFL Primetime, & others keep saying, “Hail Mary.” #Catholic. 

If you are offended by this meme, there is something wrong with you and not me. This is humor and not meant to be blasphemous, since I know some will take it this way. If you think this is inappropriate, get some tougher skin, it’s humor. It’s meme’s like this that will sometimes cause an individual not practicing their faith or who does not know Mother Mary to look into her and Jesus.

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  1. This is great. We all have probably done something like this I know I have. A sense of humor makes life so much easier! Our spiritual mother understands and loves us jus like our own mothers!

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