“Mondays with Mary” – Jesus, Mary, and the Cross

In his book written with Adrienne Von Speyr, To the Heart of the Mystery of Redemption, the great Swiss theologian, Hans Urs Von Balthasar, says the following in relation to Mary and the Cross of Christ,

“If Christ, in Luke, commands us to carry our cross every day, he implies very precisely that this dull, ordinary cross consists in perseverance at every moment in the Marian Yes, which transforms everyday mishaps as much as possible into situations that are fruitful in Christian terms…It is always Christ who gives a share in his Cross, but the form of this participation always remains ecclesial and, thus, Marian, in priests and religious no less than in the ordinary faithful…”

“If it is true that the grace of Mary’s preredemption derives from the Cross and that Mary has, in a certain sense, collaborated in the Cross through her Yes, it is nevertheless absolutely impossible for Mary to have collaborated in her own redemption. The Marian and ecclesial Yes is always response, consent, never the first action…Likewise, the Yes of Mary, even if it was prior to the Incarnation, was a response subsequent to a divine word, which in itself contained the entire redemption plan, including the Cross, and all that it encompassed.”

Now that we have entered Holy Week, I wanted today’s “Mondays with Mary” to focus on the important relationship between, Jesus and Mary, as Our Lord along with his Mother, makes his way to cross at Calvary. If you remember, the walk to the Calvary began with the first miracle of Jesus at the Wedding Feast of Cana. Just as Mary is present there; so too is she present at the foot of the Cross.

Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Since I have written on this topic in past, that is Mary’s role in the Cross of Christ, I want to share with your 5 blog posts that will help you understand a little more how important the Blessed Mother is in the redemption, passion, and death of Jesus Christ –

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Our Lady of Sorrows…Pray For Us.

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