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5 Quotes by Mother Angelica on the Guardian Angels

Usually, October 2 is the Feast of the Guardian Angels, but since today is the 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time (at least in the Roman Rite), we celebrate this Sunday and not the Feast of the Guardian Angels. But since I have already posted previous blog posts on some of my social media sites, I wanted to add one more for your reading pleasure. Here are 5 quotes from Mother Angelica on the Guardian Angels. You can hear her voice, wit, a touch of sarcasm, and general disposition in these quotes –

1. “One of the things we don’t take advantage of is the power, the intelligence, and the guardianship, the inspirations of our angel. I think it today’s world, he is the one that can do the very most for you.”

2. “What would it hurt you, when you wake up, to have a little conversation with your angel? Say, ‘Thank you, angel, for watching over me during the night. Pray for me today that I do not offend God.’ It is a simple thing. Remember your guardian angel sees the face of the Father in heaven.”

3. “The Lord himself said, ‘Do not scandalize one of these little ones, for their angels in heaven ever see the face of my Father’ (Matt. 18:10). Now, we cannot regulate angels to children alone. You are the one who really needs an angel.”

The Guardian Angel by Pietro da Cortona

The Guardian Angel by Pietro da Cortona

4. “The realization that you and I have a being, a friend, a protector that is so magnificent in beauty, should fill us with consolation. You know, if you had a personal friend with a higher intelligence who wanted to be with you, you’d be so tickled. Yet each of us has beside us this magnificent creature, an angel, a spirit of the Lord – and he is with us now. What is so tragic today is that one of the most consoling invisible realities in the whole wide world is hardly known, talked about or cared about. You think you are alone, but that is only an illusion – one of the many illusions we have.”

5. “Poor St. Frances of Rome. Her angel would knock her down every time she committed a fault. You mustn’t think that the angels are these plump, gentle beings. They are strong. If I were St. Frances I would have stayed on the floor and said, ‘I’ll be down here.’ The angel would literally knock her over. Maybe that’s what we need.”

So if you haven’t thought about your guardian angel in some time or you haven’t spoken to him in some time, I would encourage you to do so today. Usually once a day I say something to my guardian angel, but I need to speak to him more as well. Pray the Guardian Angel Prayer, often taught to children, but should be prayed by adults as well.

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The Guardian Angels of God…Pray for Us. 

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