“Mondays with Mary” – Marian Hymns and the Benedictine Monks of St. Maurice

Continuing our theme and journey into Marian hymns through sacred music, this week I am turning to the Benedictine Monks of the Abbey of Saint-Maurice & Saint Maur, Clervaux. Originally released in 1960 on vinyl, and then redone on CD in 1988, these Marian hymns from the Benedictine monks are known specifically as Gregorian chant.

When the average person thinks of sacred music; I believe it is Gregorian chant that comes to mind for them. For an explanation into Gregorian chant, I suggest and recommend you read this article from Adam Bartlett – Gregorian Chant: The Acting Voice of Christ in Song. I know this will help you come to understand the importance of this style of sacred music.

As I have said in the past two weeks posts, many Catholic hymns focus on Jesus Christ and His Church, but there also many hymns written to reflect the beauty of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and these are specifically known as Marian hymns. Many of the Marian hymns are used in the month of May since May is the month of Mary, during the great Marian solemnities throughout the liturgical year, and also during the Season of Advent, which we are in now.

For the rest of today’s blog post, I am going to ask you to do something that you have been doing for the past two weeks, instead of reading, I am going to encourage you to listen to some of these beautiful Marian Chants performed by the Benedictine Monks of St. Maurice and St. Maur, from their CD – Salve Regina. Click on the links to purchase it via CD, iTunes, and Google Play Music.


1. Magnificat 

2. Stabat Mater 

3. Salve Regina 

4. Ave Maria

5. Sub Tuum Praesidium  

6. Alma Redemptoris Mater  

7. Inviolata 

8. Regina Caeli  

Most Holy and Virgin Mary…Pray for Us 

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