“Mondays with Mary” – Marian Advent Hymns and the Benedictines of Mary

Since yesterday was the beginning of the Season of Advent, I found it fitting today to share with you some Marian Advent hymns sung by a religious order that I know pretty well, since I have written about them a few times in the past – The Benedictines of Mary, Queen of the Apostles.

The Benedictines of Mary have produced four CD’s, which you can read more about on the DeMontfort Music website, the music company who produced their CD’s. To read more about the Benedictines of Mary, De Montfort Music, and Decca Records, please read my first post on ecclesiastical music – The Beauty of Sacred Music.

As we learned last week, many Catholic hymns focus on Jesus Christ and His Church, but there also many hymns written to reflect the beauty of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and these are specifically known as Marian hymns. Many of the Marian hymns are used in the month of May since May is the month of Mary, during the great Marian solemnities throughout the liturgical year, and also during the Season of Advent.

So for the rest of today’s blog post, I am going to ask you to do something different, instead of reading, I am going to encourage you to listen to some of these beautiful Marian Advent hymns performed by the Benedictines of Mary from their CD, Advent at Ephesus. Click on the links to purchase it via CD, iTunes, and Google Music.

For more great music from the Benedictines of Mary, check out their latest CD (November 1, 2016), Caroling at Ephesus.

Mary in Advent

1. Angelus Ad Virginem

2. Gabriel’s Message

3. Hayl Mary, Full of Grace

4. Maria durch ein Dornwald Ging (Mary Wondered through a Wood of Thorns) 

5. Alma Redemptoris Mater

6. Adjuvabit Eam 

7. Like the Dawning 

Our Lady Queen of Ephesus…Pray for Us  

Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles…Pray for Us 

225th “Mondays with Mary” 

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