“Mondays with Mary” – Prayer to Our Lady, Queen of the Angels

Since Friday was the Feast of the Archangels – Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael, and today is the memorial of the Guardian Angels, I thought I would provide you with a prayer to Our Lady under her title, Queen of the Angels. However, before I do this, I want to provide you three quotes from the encyclical, Ineffabilis Deus, the document written by Pope Blessed Pius IX declaring the doctrine of the Immaculate Conception dogmatic. In the document, the Holy Father says the following in regards to Mary’s Queenship and relationship to the Angels –

“Far above all the angels and all the saints so wondrously did God endow her with the abundance of all heavenly gifts poured from the treasury of his divinity that this mother, ever absolutely free of all stain of sin, all fair and perfect, would possess that fullness of holy innocence and sanctity than which, under God, one cannot even imagine anything greater, and which, outside of God, no mind can succeed in comprehending fully.”

“It is the clear and unanimous opinion of the Fathers that the most glorious Virgin, for whom “he who is mighty has done great things,” was resplendent with such an abundance of heavenly gifts, with such a fullness of grace and with such innocence, that she is an unspeakable miracle of God — indeed, the crown of all miracles and truly the Mother of God; that she approaches as near to God himself as is possible for a created being; and that she is above all men and angels in glory.”

“Bearing toward us a truly motherly affection and having in her care the work of our salvation, she is solicitous about the whole human race. And since she has been appointed by God to be the Queen of heaven and earth, and is exalted above all the choirs of angels and saints, and even stands at the right hand of her only-begotten Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, she presents our petitions in a most efficacious manner.”

Since Mary is the Queen Mother to Jesus Christ, who is the fulfillment of the Davidic Kingdom (see 1 Kings 2), and since she is the Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mary, although still a human being, has dominion and reign over all the angels. They willingly and obediently serve Christ and Her. In union with Jesus Christ, and St. Michael, she crushes the head of Satan and the evil he and his fallen angels, the demons, who try to bring destruction to human souls. The prayer below states this perfectly –

August Queen of Heaven, 
sovereign queen of Angels,
you who at the beginning
received from God
the power and the mission to crush the head of Satan,
we beseech you humbly,
send your holy legions so that,
on your orders and by your power,
they will track down demons,
fight them everywhere,
curb their audacity and plunge them into the abyss.
Who can be compared to God?
Oh good and tender Mother,
you will always be our love and our hope.

Oh divine Mother,
send the Holy Angels and Archangels to defend me
and to keep the cruel enemy far from me.

Holy Angels and Archangels defend us,
protect us. Amen.

 Our Lady, Queen of the Angels…Pray for Us

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  1. That post is so beautiful Tom, I’ve never read such a beautiful and powerful prayer to Our Lady and the Angels. God bless you and I thank you. In the Hearts of Jesus and Mary, Elly ?? ________________________________

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