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Saint Joseph Socks on the Solemnity of Saint Joseph

If you have been reading my blog/website for a few years, you will know that I have written on Saint Joseph many times. I think the exact number of blog posts is around twelve. I’ve always had a devotion to the foster-father of Jesus and continue to have one this day. I’ve always had a close connection with Saint Joseph because my middle is Joseph.

As I have learned more about Saint Joseph from different books and the writings of Pope St. John Paul II, my devotion and love for the saint has grown, most especially since losing my father in April 2015. Dad would also often pray to the saint. He found the prayers to St. Joseph regarding a happy death very comforting. I often look to Saint Joseph for prayers and guidance.

Today’s post isn’t about the Solemnity, but more about the socks that I am wearing today, which happen to be Saint Joseph socks from Sock Religious. This pair of socks were given to me by my former boss and Pastor, Fr. Will Schimd, on my wedding day in September.

In August of last year, I become aware of a Catholic company in Indiana that sells Catholic socks. As a man who loves crazy, fun, and colorful socks, I found the socks that represent my Catholic faith to be very appealing. My sock drawer is filled with many different pairs of socks and starting to fill up with Catholic socks from Sock Religious.

I believe these Saint Joseph socks were one of the first pairs of socks Sock Religious started selling. I also have a pair of St. John Paul II and Our Lady of Guadalupe socks. To purchase these socks and other pairs, click on this link here.

So, for today’s Solemnity of Saint Joseph, I am wearing Sock Religious’ Saint Joseph Socks. If you read this post and know me from the parish (that’s the one place I will be today), you can walk up and check out these socks for yourself.

Saint Joseph…Pray for Us.  

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900th Blog Post 

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  1. With all due respect, your post if very childish. Golly, if I were not a Catholic and stumbled along your blog today, I’d be like, “what a weird religion.”

      • I disagree. I think the post was more jovial in nature. While Saint Joseph did not have any words recorded in the gospels I’m sure he would find this post humorous. There is even a patron saint of humor, Saint Philip Nea while Saint Joseph did not have any words recorded in the gospels I’m sure he would find this post humorous. There is even a patron saint of humor, Saint Philip Neri. St. pope John XXIII was known as the “jolly pope John”.

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