10 Everyday Sayings of Mother Angelica

Many of us probably remember Mother Angelica from her days on the Catholic channel, which she founded, known as the Eternal Word Television Network, and otherwise known simply as EWTN.

If you have never watched anything from Mother Angelica, you can either tune-in to watch the reruns of her program’s on EWTN or you can go on to YouTube to watch the shows there.

Either way, I would encourage you to watch her for she had everyday wisdom, wit, and holiness, that many of us will find appealing.

One of the things that I most admired about Mother Angelica was her ability to be incredibly straight with people, but still remaining focused on our Lord and seeking holiness.

She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind. In a culture where everyone is offended over the smallest things, Mother Angelica’s everyday “straight-forwardness” and truthful words are needed more than ever.

To read the 10 Everyday Sayings of Mother Angelica, head on over to EpicPew to finish reading the article.

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  1. Yes, so total agree She, also, helped me learn the Rosary on EWTN, when I converted 💙🙏🏻

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