Unplanned: A film about Love, Mercy, and Forgiveness

Ever since we started hearing about the film on how Abby Johnson left the abortion industry, my wife and I have been talking about seeing it. I wasn’t completely positive what the theatre release was going to be for the film, but over the last week, my wife kept seeing that it was going to be in a theatre close to our home. At the beginning of the week, we decided to go see the film on Thursday night. Not knowing what to expect, we entered the theatre, watched the previews, and then, as the film began…our senses were shocked.

Without giving away too much of the film, one of the first scenes in the movie is a pivotal scene. It’s a scene that stays in your mind throughout the film, and it rocks you again as the storyline of the film catches back up with that scene. As I reflect on what we witnessed last night, I can see very clearly the scene and still feel the raw emotions that came pouring forth from my eyes and my heart. The last time I had tears in my eyes in the film this much was when I watched the Passion of the Christ. Tears poured from my eyes and down my cheeks for nearly ¾ of this film.

I found this film difficult at times to watch, but also realized that it must be seen by as many people as possible on both sides of this debated subject. The film is truly a testimony of love, mercy and forgiveness. Although I could put into words exactly what I mean by those three points, it would be better if you went and see the film yourself. I can tell you that my wife and I held hands nearly the entire film, especially in the scenes that are truly hard to endure. Thoughts of my unborn child growing in my wife’s womb flooded my mind different times in the film and I often looked over at my wife and her bump/belly.

As a Catholic man, who is now a husband, and soon-to-be father, one point that kept coming back to me (and my wife and I talked about it in the car on the way home) was the unshakable support and love that Abby’s husband gave to her, even loving her and marrying her when they had opposing views on Abortion. I personally know Doug, and although I don’t know him incredibly well, what I do know of him was reflected in this film perfectly. He is the unshakable foundation of his family and rock that always has Abby’s back.

I highly encourage you to see the film this weekend. Opening weekends and the first week for films are important because it will determine if the film will remain in the theaters on a long-term basis. The R rating shows the reality of abortion. It is brutal and violent and it truly deserves an R rating. Although certain scenes were hard to watch, the graphic nature wasn’t near what some PG-13 movies have in them. I definitely would encourage all parents to bring their teenage children to this movie since they would be able to get an abortion no questions asked before the age of 17.

If you have the means to do so, I would also encourage you to support 40 Days For Life and Abby’s organization, And Then There Were None. Get involved with your local Pro-Life activities and pray, pray, pray for end to Abortion.

Updated: After speaking to my wife, I changed what I said about the rating.

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  1. Congrats on the upcoming baby!!! I did not know…. I am soooo happy For both of you!!! Babies are a true Miracle from God! We were so lucky To have four babies in a period of less Than 3 1/2 years!! Although our Jeanette was killed in a car crash… just before her 17th birthday…. we still feel We were blessed and now she watches Over us from heaven!! God is good.. All the time!! Kathy Sabaliauskas

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  2. First of all, congratulations on your soon-to-be fatherhood!

    I saw a pre-screening of this film (for free) a couple of weeks ago but I am seeing it again today — mainly so that I can pay to help in its financial success. I thought the movie was extremely well done. Based on your comments regarding your emotions of this film, I suggest you not see Goznell. As a former Operating Room Nurse I was horrified and sickened all through this movie — on so many levels.

    Let’s pray that this opening weekend is a blockbuster!

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