Remembering D-Day…75 Years Later

Today, as we work in our offices, spend time with our family members, play with our children and put them to bed tonight, remember that all of these things are possible because of the men and women that serve us in our military. They fight for us so that we have the freedom to do such things each day of our lives.

On this day, June 6, let us most especially remember the young boys and men who fought for us on this day at Normandy. This Great Generation stood up to evil and fought back the Nazi’s so that we in the United States of America, and other places across the world, could live in freedom. Remember them today and always.

Below are two scenes that help me remember D-Day and the sacrifices these men endured for us.

The second one always produces tears from my eyes. As I write this to you, they are streaming down my cheeks.

I am also including the speech by President Donald Trump today for the D-Day Anniversary. Whatever your thoughts are on him as President, put them aside for now, for this is being hailed as the best speech of his presidency so far.

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  1. Tom thank you for the wonderful montage remember D-Day . I especially appreciated the speech of our beloved President Donald J. Trump, a patriot of deep and abiding love for our country! He is one who will be long remembered,too, by a great full people in years ahead.

    May God bless our President snd our Country with His grace And MAY HE crown His good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.

    Sincerely, Nancy Daniels

  2. I am new to your website and really enjoy your posts. Could you please help me in some info I am looking for and cannot find? My relationship with our Blessed Mother has been rocky over the years and I want to do the 33 day consecration. Nowhere have I found a church that is involved or seen where it can be done on my own. With the Feast of the Assumption coming up, this is the day I would like to complete the consecration. Can you point me in the right direction on how to accomplish this?

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