June is the Sacred Heart of Jesus month

Contrary to popular belief in our culture, and through the adaption of the rainbow flag to company logos, for Catholics, June is not Pride month, but June is the month for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It is in this image of Our Lord Jesus Christ that we see love expressed in its truest form. For the month of June, Catholics should be focusing their attention to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

The Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a devotion that has been around in the Church for nearly three centuries. It began, and its popularity grew, through the efforts of St. Margaret Mary Alacoque. She had visions of Our Lord and began this devotion after seeing Him. When the Novena concludes, I will write an article explaining more about the devotion and the visions that the aforementioned saint witnessed.

For now, I would encourage you to pray this Novena. Offer up what you like, however, I would ask that we pray for our culture as a collective whole. There are some that believe things to be good and true that are not good and true. Let us pray that they come to know the one who is Truth itself – Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

To pray the Sacred Heart of Jesus Novena over the next 9 days, which begins today, follow this link to Pray More Novenas. You can just go to the website each day, but the better option is to sign-up and they will send you the daily novenas prayers right to your email inbox.

Sacred Heart of Jesus…Pray for Us 

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