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New Saint Socks from Sock Religious

In the past, I have written about the socks that I wear, and in my collection of socks, I have socks from Sock Religious, a Catholic company producing Saint and other Catholic-themed socks. Wearing these socks is a great way to promote the Catholic faith in the world in which you live. Yesterday, I led a retreat for Catholic school teachers and wore my St. Joseph socks. It was a great way to show them there are many ways to evangelize and promote the Catholic faith. Not only do I have St. Joseph socks, but also have Our Lady of Guadalupe and Pope St. John Paul II.

Today I am writing about this product because Sock Religious just released Saint Augustine Socks. Since his memorial is at the end of August, you can order them today and have them at your home for his memorial on August 28. Saint Augustine of Hippo is considered one of the great saints and Doctors of the Church, even after living a life full of emptiness and sin for many years. He is an inspiration to many who have led sinful lives as well as inspires many Catholics to learn and read Catholic theology. To learn more about Saint Augustine of Hippo, I would encourage you to read here.

Also, recently released by the aforementioned Catholic company is St. Joan of Arc socks. Like the St. Augustine socks, you can purchase them in both child and adult sizes. St. Joan of Arc was a courageous woman in a time when France needed good leadership. She fought the English with bravery and defended the French people. To learn more about her, I would encourage you to read here.

All Holy Saints of God…Pray for Us 

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