Sock Religious

Saint Francis of Assisi Socks from Sock Religious

In the past, I have written about the socks that I wear, and in my collection of socks, I have socks from Sock Religious, a Catholic company producing Saint and other Catholic-themed socks. Wearing these socks is a great way to promote the Catholic faith in the community in which you live. The socks I have from Sock Religious so far are St. Joseph socks, Our Lady of Guadalupe and Pope St. John Paul II.

Today I am writing about this product because Sock Religious recently released Saint Francis of Assisi Socks. Since his memorial is at the beginning of October, you can order them today and have them at your home for his memorial on October 4. Saint Francis of Assisi is considered another great saint and was given instruction by Our Lord himself to rebuild his Church. He is also the founder of the Franciscans, particularly the Friars Minor. Saint Francis is also known for having the Stigmata – the nail marks that Our Lord endured on the Cross. To learn more about him, I would encourage you to read the link above.

To purchase these socks and other great Catholics socks, please visit the Sock Religious website here.

Saint Francis of Assisi…Pray for Us 

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