Down with Pachamama!

If you have not seen these videos yet of two courageous men taking the false idol known as Pachamama and throwing them into the Tiber River, I would encourage you to watch them ASAP. Please either share this post or share the videos themselves on your social media sites.

This graven image, which I first heard about on October 4 during a tree-planting ceremony in the Vatican Gardens with the Holy Father present, is an abomination to our Catholic faith. It’s a disgrace that this image and others like it have been permitted to have a place in churches around Rome, including Saint Peter’s Basilica. Down with Pachamama!

As Catholics, following the example of the two men in the videos, we must fight this nonsense, reject this image and the Amazon Synod in its entirety.  This synod is seeking to destroy the Church from within, much like many of the early church heresies tried to do. There are countless places where you can read about the atrocities being suggested at this synod, however, I would suggest reading Dr. Taylor Marshall and Church Militant.

When you thought things couldn’t get any worse, this information about the Ford Foundation funding groups at the Amazon Synod comes to light. Of course, the talking heads at the Vatican dismissed this news, but it doesn’t take a Ph.D. in Theology to see what they are trying to do to our Church.

Video #1:

Video #2:

Let us invoke the intercession of Elijah, St. Boniface, and St. Benedict, who destroyed pagan idols. 

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  1. Thank you… I have seen some of the news articles… so sad!

    Sr. John Paul, O.P.

    “Freedom has to continually to be won, it cannot merely be possessed. It comes as a gift but can only be kept with a struggle.” – Karol Wojtyla, “Thinking My Country” (1974).


  2. Thank you for mentioning Church Militant to find out what is really going on with the Amazon Synod. Their reporting leading up to and during the Synod has been excellent and eye-opening.

  3. Bro. Tom Perna,
    It saddened me that even a good Marian soul like you lacks wisdom to see why Divine Providence allowed the “naked statue” to be an instruments to reveal the evil hearts of men and to be an effective instruments to further purify the Church.
    The “naked statue” or what Pope Francis referred to as “pachamama” is not a “pagan idol” for the Pan Amazonian people who performed the ritual in the Vatican Gardens. Pope Francis was present in the event and had discern the hearts of all who performed the rituals. Later the Tribal Woman Leader who had approached Pope Francis clearly said that for them it was the “Our Lady of Amazon”. Did Pope Francis approved their art depiction of Our Lady in naked form? NO!
    Pope Francis saw it was a “disfigured image”, but Pope Francis said this event had shown how the Amazonian people needs Pastoral Guidance to purify their faith expressions.
    Pope Francis although he uses the word “Pachamama” in describing the naked statue, he made a very clear statement saying “there was no idolatrous intentions”, because he already discerned that Amazonian people look up to the naked statue as Our Lady, it may not be acceptable to the Modern World but to the heart of Amazonian people it is for the an acceptable image of Our Lady because nakedness to them do not have malice like the Modern World sees nakedness.
    Pastoral Guidance will teach the Amazonian people to provide the “naked statue” with royal or decent vestment to dignified their art depiction. Most if not all wooden statue are naked too, but they were dressed in decent & royal vestment, so the Amazonian people can be teach to do the same.
    Again, for the likes of Vorises, Marshalls and Matt of Church Militant who keep on slandering and usurping the clear judgment of Pope Francis, these people are definitely not inspired by the Holy Spirit, why?
    St.Athanasius said “Where there is slander there is satan”.

  4. Pope Francis the Supreme Pontiff, the Supreme Interpreter, Legislator and Guarantor of Faith already made a very clear supreme judgement, Pope Francis said “there was no idolatrous intentions”.
    Now, If I use the gift of prudence whom will I put my trust, to your unauthoritative interpretations & judgment or to the Supreme Authoritative Judgment of the Vicar of Christ who personally witnesses the ceremony in the Vatican Gardens?
    Are you not usurping the supreme judgment of the Supreme Pontiff?
    Did Jesus gave you canonical power to usurp the judgment of the Pope?

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