7 Quotes from Saint Ambrose, Patron of the Veneration of Mary

December 7 marks the day when we commemorate one of the great early church fathers and Doctors of the Church, Saint Ambrose of Milan. A powerhouse in his own time, he combated the early church heresies of Arianism and Docetism, however, his fight with Arianism would last nearly his entire life.

Many Catholics know about St. Ambrose through another early church father and Doctor, St. Augustine of Hippo, who he baptized in A.D. 387. It was the great sermons of St. Ambrose that began to bring Augustine to Christianity, and of course the prayers over twenty-five years by St. Monica, Augustine’s mother. I firmly believe that If we didn’t have St. Ambrose, we may never have had St. Augustine.

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Saint Ambrose – Bartolomeo Vivarini

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