JP2 Generation Podcasts have begun

In an effort to reach my followers and readers in a new way, today I recorded and uploaded Episode 1 of the JP2 Generation Podcast. I have been thinking about starting a podcast for some time now, but with so many of us now at home due to the current world situation, I thought I would throw my voice and thoughts into the Catholic podcasting world.

I already have 20 podcasts uploaded to my Anchor.fm dashboard. Those podcasts are talks that I have given over the last few years on a variety of topics. They are longer than the podcasts will be, but since we all have now, I hope that you will listen to them as well.

The plan is to try to record on a daily basis, but there might be days I don’t get to them since I do have to find a new full-time job. This endeavor has become increasingly more difficult since many people are now in the same boat as me due to the virus we are enduring. Please pray for me and everyone else now seeking new work.

You can listen to the podcasts through 10 platforms but the most popular are – Anchor.fm, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify. Apple and Google Podcasts can be delayed a few hours.

I hope that you tune-in and share with your family and friends!

Pope Saint John Paul II…Pray for Us 

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