I am grateful for those who have served

One of the biggest regrets in my life, and yes, I know that God has a plan, is that I never served in the military. Although I thought about it briefly after graduating from high school, I never took the leap and signed up. If I was the man then that I am today, it might have been a different story for me.

Today, on Memorial Day, we remember all the brave men and women that have served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.

To those of you who did serve, I say Thank You! Many of you know someone that died serving this country. Remember them always.

Thank you so much for defending the freedoms that I and many of our fellow Americans enjoy. Thank you for putting yourself in situations many of us can’t even imagine.

To those of us who did not serve, I encourage you to always thank veterans and current members of the military when you see them on the street, in a grocery store, in the airport, or wherever. I try to do this as much as I can. I have even done it when I am stopped at a stoplight.

We must always give thanks and pray for our military men and women. Military life is hard and can make a lasting impression on one’s mind and heart. If you are watching the military movies that are playing on television or spending time with family and friends today, offer up a prayer to those who are with us presently, but also offer up a prayer to those who have fallen and have died for us.

Visit this website for military prayers. Ask for the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, Saint Joan of Arc and Saint George – all Patron Saints of Military Personnel.

Thank you…I am grateful to you.

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