Sock Religious

And You, Catholic Music Lovers…

If you are new to my blog and website, you may not be aware of Sock Religious, a small Catholic company creating and selling Saint and other Catholic-themed socks. As I have said in previous posts, wearing these socks is a great way to promote the Catholic faith in the community in which you live and perfect for Sunday Mass.

The latest pair of socks from Sock Religious is Saint Cecilia, Patroness of Musicians. She is listed among the great early saints and martyrs of the Catholic Church. Her story is quite fascinating! She is the first of the incorruptible saints.

As the economy continues to recover, I would encourage you to support local businesses in your area but I would also encourage you to support small Catholic businesses such as Sock Religious. Supporting each other during difficult times is something Catholics have been doing since the early church. To purchase these socks and other great Catholics socks, please visit the Sock Religious website here.

Other small Catholics businesses you can support are Small Things Great Love, Catholic Balm Co., Regina Cigars, Worthy of Agape, and Chews Life.

Note: If you are wondering why I created a meme of Doc Holliday (Val Kilmer) from the film, Tombstone, here is the story behind it. Recently, I was watching the film, Tombstone (probably the 20th time I have seen it – a favorite of mine! – so many great lines). There is a scene where he interacts with one of the smaller villains (a cowboy) as he is playing Chopin on the piano in a saloon. The cowboy is trying to stir him up. Doc just keeps playing Chopin.

A few moments later, Doc is out on the street-facing this Cowboy down. Without going into the scene too much, Doc essentially calls him a music lover. When that scene came up in the film, the idea for this popped into my head. You can watch the scene here.

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