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“Mondays with Mary” – University of Mary

This series usually pertains to something that has to do with the Blessed Virgin Mary and what the Catholic Church teaches regarding her, but for today, I want to briefly explain about my new position, share some highlights about the university, and provide a link to a new endeavor by the university.

As many of you know, if you read, The Flight into the Dakotas, after nine months of unemployment, I attained a position with the University of Mary. I am the new Director of Mission and Hospitality for Dining Services. Essentially, it will be my job to develop and enhance hospitality through dining services while serving as an ambassador to the university’s most important clientele – the students of UMary. My position will focus on implementing the mission and service aspect of our Benedictine tradition in dining for our faculty and staff and those that visit the university (once Covid restrictions are lifted).

This position is really a ground-breaking position that will challenge the decades old understanding of dining on a college campus. We don’t want our food and dining services to be that of a cafeteria, but we want a campus restaurant where our students will receive the best food. Eating and meals are so important and we hope that we can formulate a vision to teach them about the importance of meals with family and friends.  

I would encourage you to get to know the University of Mary if you are not familiar with it already. It is on the Newman Guide for Catholic Universities which means that it is a bona fide Catholic school that adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  

Check out the About Mary page to learn about the Benedictine Mission and Values that continue to steer the school. On this page there is lots to explore – the future of the university, the Marian Grotto, Mary at a Glance, and much more.

If you have children that will be looking into college in the near future or know someone in this situation, I would highly check out our great admissions department. They work tirelessly to provide the best experience for our incoming students.

The last item I would like to share with you is the newest endeavor coming out of the University of Mary – It is a website that will awaken the Catholic Imaginative Vision through faith-based articles focusing a variety of subjects, career paths, and the latest events. You should recognize some of the contributors already writing for Prime Matters. I would highly encourage you to sign up for The First Draught. This will be a weekly summary published every Thursday of the things happening on Prime Matters.

Our Lady of Lourdes…Pray for Us

Saint Benedict…Pray for Us

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