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Saint Patrick Socks from Sock Religious

Three weeks from this Wednesday, we celebrate the memorial of one of the great Irish Saints – Saint Patrick. Known for converting the island to Catholicism, Saint Patrick is one of my most beloved saints in the Catholic Church. Although his day often becomes a day of drinking and partying, the life he lived is simply extraordinary. To learn more about him, check out my post from 2015 titled, Learning the Life of Saint Patrick in Less than 90 seconds.

One of the great traditions on Saint Patrick’s Day is to wear the color green. I would encourage you to check out Sock Religious and purchase a pair of green Saint Patrick socks for your family. The socks come in adult and kid’s sizes.

Although we celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day once a year, these are great socks to wear anytime to show off your Catholicism to your family and friends.  I hope you will purchase a pair of Saint Patrick socks and check out the many other Catholic socks they have in their collection.

Saint Patrick…Pray for Us

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