Review: Catholic Family Crate (December)

Recently, I just became an affiliate with Catholic Family Crate. They sent me a sample crate from the month of December to review. I was planning on getting this out during the month of December, however, my family came down with a cold after traveling to South Dakota, and then Christmas hit and we had family in town. I returned to work this week and last night was the first time in a while that I had the chance to write on my blog. Here is my honest review of the Catholic Family Crate.

I truly love the idea of the Catholic Family Crate. I think it provides wonderful reminders of all the important Catholic feast days and holidays throughout the month. It gives families an opportunity to talk about these important days in their homes together. This isn’t often something that you get – especially for those families that send their kids to school, whether it’s a Catholic or Public school. It is a great tool to have for families that want to build a Catholic culture within their homes.

The only negative is the price. Pretty much everything that we received in the December crate was card stock or stickers, essentially paper, with the exception of the tote bag, which has a great image of a monstrance on it. Unfortunately, it’s just not feasible for my family to pay over $40 a box for paper products. This also creates an issue with durability. I would like to say that these things can be used year after year, but as they are made from paper that may not be the case. I want my kids to be able to touch everything and utilize them, but they would certainly not hold up even through the end of the month.

I asked four Catholic families to look at the crate and they all said it would be great to have something in the crate that was more a keepsake than just the prayer cards and stickers. The suggestions were a Rosary, a prayer bracelet, a medal, or another sacramental. They also suggested reaching out to other Catholic small businesses that sell these items and partnering with them.

Overall, the concept of the Catholic Family Crate is wonderful. I love how it encourages talking about the Catholic faith as a family and in the home – something that is truly needed in our current culture. As a former parish lay evangelist and catechist, I would highly encourage families to check out this product. If you have the means to pay for it, it is a great tool of evangelization and catechesis for a Catholic family that wants to grow in their faith.

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