The 10th Anniversary of

Today, January 28, is the 10th Anniversary of my website and blog. It still amazes me that I have reached this mark in my writing. I can remember starting this whole thing like it was yesterday. At the time, I was living and working in Austin, Texas at Saint Dominic Savio Catholic High School where I was a Catholic Theology Teacher and Chair of the Department.

After sharing my graduate school writings with my Dad from 2008-2012, he suggested that I find a place for my writings. He knew that I enjoyed writing and sharing my Catholic faith with others. Initially, it was my vision to post my graduate school writings, but the Lord had different plans for me. I wrote my first blog post titled,  The Spirit of Catholicism, and from there everything just continued to unfold to what you see before you today.

Over the years, I have started a few series, most notably, is “Mondays with Mary” but I have also done some series on the Catechism and on the Doctors of the Church. Many of my talks also appear on this website and a short-lived podcast titled The JP2 Generation. Podcasting is something I would love to return to soon.

Writing more would also be a goal as well, however, my new career as the Director of Mission and Hospitality in Dining Services at the University of Mary keeps me very busy. When I come from work all I want to do is get on the floor and spend time with my boys. I love being a Dad. I am also so grateful to my wife who allowed me to accomplish the greatest goal in my life – marrying her on September 8, 2018.

Thank you to everyone who continues to follow and support me through this website and blog. I truly appreciate your loyalty and willingness to read my writings. I know there are lots of Catholic bloggers and authors out there. For my new readers and followers, I would encourage you to read the 1,044 posts on this site.

I give all praise and thanksgiving to Our Lord Jesus Christ, Our Immaculate Virgin Mary, under her title as Our Lady of Guadalupe, all the Angels, and Saints, most especially Pope St. John Paul II. 

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  1. Happy Feast Day!

    Sr. John Paul, O.P.

    “Freedom has to continually to be won, it cannot merely be possessed. It comes as a gift but can only be kept with a struggle.” – Karol Wojtyla, “Thinking My Country” (1974).

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  2. Tom, this is Michiko. Miss you.
    I’m so glad that I can access to your site and read your articles again. Enjoy being Dad. I’m enjoying be grandma of Yukari’s son once a week.

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