On Vacation

I am taking a break/vacation/unplugging from blogging for this week to spend time with my girlfriend and her family while they are here in Arizona. Please say a prayer that we all have fun together and also get some much needed rest. We spent the first two days of vacation in the pool…it was glorious.

Phoenix is having some serious heat this week too. It’s been as hot as 117 degrees so far. I don’t think we will get that hot again this week, but it’s still going to be a bit “warm.” Last night we had a dust storm (“Haboob”) come rolling in late. It looks the Monsoons are heading our way soon.

While I am gone this week, please share my blog with your family and friends!! Including this post, there are 215 posts on here. Check out my archives from last year at this time. Starting next week, I have some exciting ideas for posts.

One more thing…please say a prayer that I find a new job. I no longer work at the Catholic parish here in Scottsdale. It’s very stressful and I need to find something that will benefit my career, not just a job to fill up time. Thank you.

If you have suggestions or topics you would like me to write on in the future, please leave those suggestions in the combox below.

See you next week!

On Vacation

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