Catholic Humor

12 Original Catholics Memes

Tonight, as I was flipping through channels on the television, I noticed the movie, Animal House, was being shown on IFC. It reminded me of a funny meme that I once created for a post on this blog that had to do with sacred music. Once I remembered this meme, it came to mind that I had created quite a few of my own memes over the past few years, which I had used for other blog posts.

Realizing that I had only written once this week, I thought I would share with you some of the memes that came from the creative side of my own brain. Hope you enjoy some Catholic humor for your Second Friday in Lent. Feel free to share any of these memes with your family and friends.

Play Sacred MusicCatholicism - Church LadyFaith and Science - DSMME

JP2 and the Brown Scapular MemeThings St. Francis never saidBig Bang.Yeah That Was MeBrace Yourselves

JP2 and Ratzinger laughing at mediaSt. Nicholas MemeBe Not Afraid - Read Mondays with Mary

Francis.Benedict - SMM Homilies meme


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