Catholic Prayers

Giving Thanks and Praying on Memorial Day

When the thoughts of Memorial Day come to mind in recent years, it’s the clip from the great World War II film – Saving Private Ryan, that comes to mind for me. Even now, it gives me a heavy heart (see below). And although it’s just a film, it portrays a little bit of what our soldiers have endured for our country and our way of life.

Today and everyday from here on out, when you see a military veteran or a current active service member, go up to them, shake their hand, and say THANK YOU. They have put their lives on the front lines and continue to do so today, in order that we may live in freedom. Let us pray this day as well as for all of the military men and women who have died defending our country. We must always give thanks to our military men and women.


As you watch the military movies that are playing on television today, grilling burgers and dogs, drinking a beer, and enjoying this day off, just remember Why you have this day off and to offer up a prayer to those who have fallen and have died for us. Today is a good day, but it was only possibly through the service and actions of our fellow citizens who have chosen to serve and defend our country.

If you are looking for military prayers, you will find them on this website. Ask for the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joan of Arc, and St. George – the Patron Saints of Military Personnel.

Make sure you watch this clip too!

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