Remembering what Memorial Day is all about

Today here in the United States of America, we commemorate Memorial Day – the day we remember all those who gave their lives defending our freedom while serving in our armed forces. In the FoxNews article, SEAL who shot bin Laden: Don’t wish me a happy Memorial Day, the author says,

Memorial Day is a time for reflection, pause, remembrance and thanksgiving for patriots who gave up their own lives to protect the lives and freedom of us all – including the freedom of generations long gone and generations yet unborn. We owe the fallen a debt so enormous that it can never be repaid. Memorial Day is a time to honor the lives of those who would rather die than take a knee when our national anthem is played. But they will fight and die for the rights of those who kneel.

For me, today is a little more real than in years past since I have gotten to know some real good men and women at my parish who have served in our military. I have also started to support a company, while drinking coffee, that was founded by a veteran and employs many veterans. This company is known as Black Rifle Coffee Company. If you drink coffee and want to support our veterans, I would encourage you to check out this growing company. The video below is produced by them, and titled – Never Forgotten.

Ever since writing an article back on this day in 2013, every time I see a military veteran (usually wearing a hat or shirt saying when or where they served) or a current active service member of any branch of the military, I go up to them, shake their hand, and say Thank you for serving our country. At first this was hard to do, but I once I did it a few times, it became easier. I think we all need to do this for those who have served or currently serve in the armed forces. We have the freedoms we do because brave men and women decided to put their lives on the line and defend this country. This day and everyday, let us pray for all of the military men and women who have died defending our country.

As we watch the military movies that are playing on television today, grilling burgers and dogs, drinking a beer, and enjoying this day off, just remember Why you have this day off and to offer up a prayer to those who have fallen and have died for us. Today is only possibly through the service and actions of our fellow citizens who have chosen to serve, fight, and defend our country.

If you are looking for specific military prayers, you will find them on this website. Ask for the intercession of St. Michael the Archangel, St. Joan of Arc, and St. George – the Patron Saints of Military Personnel.

And, make sure you watch this short video from Black Rifle Coffee Company

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  1. Hi Tom,

    Way to go! Also – I saw Fr. Will Schmidt this weekend – small world – we need to catch up soon!


    Got a minute for lasting happiness? Listen here. Receive Daily Gospel Reflections here, listen to the rosary here, and educate yourself in virtue here.


  2. I sent the following as a letter to the editor; I believe we should all pray to feel guilty for not doing more.
    What are the two main purposes of Memorial Day parades?
    The first main purpose is of course to honor all those who sacrificed, and those who were willing to sacrifice, all they had for the benefit of others, in standing up and fighting for the rights of others by opposing those who start wars and deny the objective moral law.
    The second main purpose is to help make everyone feel the guilt they should feel for not doing something, (all they can) in today’s world to help those they have an opportunity to offer help to AND THEN to will to do more in the coming year BY GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY.
    I believe the last item above, “BY GOD’S GRACE AND MERCY”, should be a universal element of mature faith to any who believe in an infinite Creator God (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, …)because of the simple reasoning that if God is infinite goodness, which is a given, then, we can have no goodness of our own that has not been given to us, shared with us, by God. IN MY OPINION, That is why all ministers, of all faiths, should publicly unite and witness to their shared faith that all should pray:
    “Dear God because we can do no good without your mercy and grace, we cannot be people of good will, willing good for everyone, and we cannot maintain any of “our” good habits, or break any bad habits, except by your grace and mercy”. please deign to always give me, my family, friends, enemies, everyone the graces to choose to ask for

    The graces to be people of good will, willing good for everyone, willing them to be good, to be holy and the graces to do everything we can to help them, the graces for us to will to love all as you love all by willing to sacrifice our wants for the pleasures of this life in order to help others in their material and/or spiritual needs.
    the graces to believe in you and then the graces to continue to believe in you;
    The graces to want to pray ever more perfectly and then the graces to pray ever more perfectly, and
    The graces to want to know and believe all the truths that You want everyone to want to know, believe and understand the way you want us to understand them.
    If every believer should pray as above, why do not all ministers of all faiths, publicly unite and publicly encourage all to do so? Should all ministers of all faiths publicly unite and encourage all to pray such? Will your minister help lead the way? If not, why not?
    Do not all laity have a moral obligation to try and help their ministers to be the best minister they can be by encouraging them to rouse us to good works, to rouse us to sacrifice more and more to help others in imitation of those who sacrificed, or were willing to sacrifice, all for the benefit of others?
    If we, or our ministers, can do more to encourage all to do more to help others, and we, and the ministers, do not do it, are we really honoring those who we say we want to honor on Memorial Day? Are we failing in how we use Memorial day parades?

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