“Mondays with Mary” – The Blessed Mother in Advent

Over the years, I have written on the Blessed Mother during the Season of Advent numerous times, most notably have been the articles focusing on The Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, which traditionally was in the liturgical calendar on December 18. For today’s “Mondays with Mary”, here is a recap of the posts focusing on Mama Mary during this season of anticipation as we wait for the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ as a child in Bethlehem –

1. “Mondays with Mary” – The Star of the Sea that Shines Through Advent  

2. “Mondays with Mary – ‘Mary’s Nine-Month Advent’

3. “Mondays with Mary” – Mary in Advent

4. “Mondays with Mary” – Marian Advent Hymns and the Benedictines of Mary  

5. “Mondays with Mary” – Praying with Mary during Advent 

6. “Mondays with Mary” – The Expectation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

7. What was Mary Thinking the Week Before She Gave Birth to Jesus? 

8. “Mondays with Mary” – What was Mary feeling one week before giving birth to Jesus?

9. “Mondays with Mary” – Seven Days before Christ was Born: What was Mary Expecting?  

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  1. Tom,
    I really appreciate your blog on our Blessed Mother. So much to learn and reflect upon.
    You are a great teacher, and hoping you get called back to adult Catechesis. Missing your classes.

  2. Thanks Tom.

    Some reflections we posted on Face Book page tie in our sacred artwork of Preborn Jesus within the womb of Mary. I invite you to view.

    Advent Blessings,

    Bernadette Conklin

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