The Sacramental Oils Explained

Throughout the universal Catholic Church, starting last week and continuing this week, the yearly liturgy known as the Chrism Mass has been taking place. In some dioceses, the Chrism Mass is always on the Monday of Holy Week.

During the Chrism Mass, two very important things occur, first is the particular purpose of the Mass, which is the blessing and distribution of the Sacramental Oils, which I discuss more about below.

Second, is the Renewal of Commitment to Priestly Service. Each bishop asks his priests through a variety of statements for their renewal and commitment to the Church. After each statement is read, the priests in unison, but speaking as individuals respond with, “I am.” The bishop then asks for the assembly to stand, and together with one voice, the permanent deacons, the consecrated religious and the lay faithful pray for their priests and bishops.

Year after year, parishioners and visitors see the sacramental oils in the church and asks why do we have three glass jars of oil…

To finish reading this article and to learn more about the 3 Sacramental Oils, head on over to EpicPew.com.

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