The Meditations of St. Thomas Aquinas

Reading to my son led me to The Meditations of Saint Thomas Aquinas

The title of this blog post is a bit misleading since I have been aware of and reading St. Thomas Aquinas for nearly 25 years. He is the primary saint that led me into Theology, along with Pope St. John Paul II. I have always read Thomas over the years since first reading him in my undergrad studies. The other reason I like Thomas is that he is a Dominican, the Order of Preachers. I have always been drawn to the Dominican Order, most especially in the last decade after teaching with the Sisters of Mary in two different Catholic high schools.

So how did my son lead me to find The Mediations of St. Thomas Aquinas?

Over the weekend, my wife suggested to me that I read to my son during the mornings where I am with him while she is working part-time (ideally, we would like her to stay home full-time but we need to pay our bills). Recently, she started reading him some of the children’s books in our collection. She told me he likes books with pictures and is pretty attentive.

Yesterday, in a somewhat sarcastic and joking manner, I went to my personal library to find a book that I have of Thomas’ writings to read to my son. I thought it would be humorous if I took a picture of myself reading Saint Thomas Aquinas to my very young son and to send it to my wife (also posted on my personal Facebook and Instagram pages). Surprisingly, he was very attentive and often smiled as I read to him, but let’s be honest, he always smiles at me, except when I am sucking boogies out of his nose or he is fussy and tired. Remember, he is only 2 ½ months old.

The book that I picked to read to him is a book that is out of print. I discovered it in a collection of books that were donated to the parish just over a year ago. The book is titled, The Meditations of Saint Thomas Aquinas. I read the first two meditations to my son yesterday and found myself wanting to read more. Simply stated, it is fantastic!

The book is a translation from a Latin work by Father Medzard, O.P. from the works of the great Doctor of the Church. The specific book I possess was translated into English in the late 1930s and published in 1940 by the College Book Company out of Columbus, Ohio, U.S.A. It was translated by Father E.C. McEniry, O.P. What is great about this book is that it’s compiled in a way to follow the liturgical calendar throughout the year, starting with today, and ending on November 26.

My plan is to read these daily mediations for my own spiritual growth and edification, but also to share these theological gems with you as much as I can over the next year. In reality, this project might take more than a year, but I am still going to venture on this endeavor since I’ve been seeking something new for this website for some time. Above, I have added a specific page where you will find these meditations on this website. I hope that you find them useful for your spiritual life and get to know St. Thomas Aquinas a little more.

Saint Thomas Aquinas…Pray for Us

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