Holy Water Fonts for Children

Last weekend, my family and I attended Mass at our parish here in Bismarck, the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit. I was excited to see the holy water fonts since I had received an email a few days before stating that there were new ones. However, these new holy water fonts are different than normal – they are specifically for children.

As you will see below from the pictures I took with my phone, they are at a height where many children can reach them. My 2 ½ year immediately recognized it and knew what it was – he blessed himself and was very excited, although we are still working on which hand to use and the making the Sign of the Cross correctly (he does know all of the words).

As we made our way to the pew, all he could talk about was the holy water font. After I prayed a bit, I brought him back to the font and he blessed himself again. He turned around and looked at me with a sense of pride and a huge smile. I don’t know who is responsible for the promotion of adding holy water fonts for children at the Cathedral, but I am grateful as a father. It is such a great idea! I was able to explain to him, in a way he understands, that he was baptized and the fonts remind us of our baptism when we enter and leave the church.  

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