The Book That Still Makes Me Pump My Fist In The Air

It was the spring semester of 2009, and I was in graduate school at Franciscan University of Steubenville, enrolled in Theological Foundations with Dr. Scott Hahn. One of the texts for the course we were required to read was The Spirit of Catholicism by Karl Adam. I remember how I could never put the text down and always had a smile on my face when reading it. There were countless times I would pump my fist into the air (like when your favorite team scores a run, goal, or touchdown) at something I read in the book. As a Catholic who has always been Catholic (a “cradle Catholic”), this book fueled my excitement for Catholicism. I told everyone I knew about it and still do today. I know at least six Catholic converts that have come into full communion with the Catholic Church because of this book. I would imagine there are countless others.

The Spirit of Catholicism is a must-read for every…

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