Pope Saint John Paul II

Pope John Paul the Great

Since yesterday was the feast day for the soon-to-be Saint, Pope John Paul II, I wanted to share this video that I found online. It is produced by Rome Reports. Please take the time to watch this short video about John Paul the Great and then share this blog post or the video itself with your family and friends via email or the social media websites.

JP II in sombrero

Those of you who follow my blog know the great love I have for Jesus Christ, the Catholic Church, and of course, Blessed John Paul II. It’s difficult for me to watch videos about JP2 because I miss him so much. He is my Pope – I am the JP2 Generation! So much of what I do on this blog is because of Blessed John Paul II and the inspiration he gives to me each day. It’s my hope to start providing more catechesis on his many documents for those of you that feel his writings are too much to bear.

If you looking to know more about Blessed John Paul II, I would suggest reading some of my blog posts about him here.

If you don’t own it yet, please purchase his CD, Abba PaterA great CD giving you the voice of John Paul II in prayer.

If you have a Twitter account, please use the hashtag – #StJohnPaul2, from now on when you tweet about JP2. Yesterday, the above hashtag was trending on Twitter during the 6:00pm Eastern Time Twitter Storm.

Blessed John Paul II…Pray For Us! 

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  1. So passions of those who were alive during his reign and those of their children can cool down. With enough time between the present and the time of whoever is being nominated for “the Great” we can gain a fairer assessment. You can see how such recent Americans as John Kennedy and Martin Luther King are vastly overrated.

    Same with saints. Mother Teresa died less than 20 years ago and people are already calling her Saint Teresa. Give it a hundred years before you start giving out those titles.

    • I disagree. The Church has a protocol and criteria. If someone has lived a life of true Christian love and charity, and there is much evidence to prove this point, why wait? We can never have too many examples of living a holy life to inspire us. The fact that I remember Pope John Paul II only adds to my inspiration. It is encouraging to see someone who lived in “my world” and yet was still able to be holy.

      • I agree with Donna.
        Maria Goretti was proclaimed a saint in fewer than 50 years after her death, and for the first 1000 years, saints were often identified by popular acclaim rather than the formal procedure we have now. And anyway, a pope canonizing a Saint is an infallible judgment “from the Chair of Peter.”

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