“Mondays with Mary” – Pray for Notre Dame Cathedral and the People of France

By now, I imagine you have seen at least pictures of the incredibly large fire engulfing the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, France. I was watching a Live stream from my office here at the parish after finding out about the fire from an article online and one of my co-workers.

Even though I have never been to France or Notre Dame Cathedral, my heart breaks for the people of France, most especially my fellow Catholics in France. It is a devastating day for not only France, but the entire world. With so many people sending their heart-felt prayers and well-wishes to France, I would encourage you to also prayer for the cathedral and the people of France.

I really hope that this fire was accidental and not a deliberate fire set by arsons or terrorists. France has been plagued with vandalism to Catholic Churches recently.  

I would encourage you to invoke Our Lady’s intercession this day and days ahead. I would also ask for the intercession of so many great French saints – Therese, John Vianney, Joan of Arc, Louis King of France, Louie and Zelie Martin, Louis de Montfort, and many others.

Here is a live feed –

I will add updates as they come in –

Update #1 : People singing Ave Maria in the streets of Paris

Update #2: Paris police chief: Structure of Notre Dame cathedral has been saved, fire stopped from spreading to northern belfry — AP

Update #3 – I did hear that the artwork and the relics, notably, the Crown of Thorns, were saved from the fire.

Update #4 – Paris’ Notre Dame save from total destruction 

Update #5 – More sining in the streets of Paris –

Update #6 – Pictures starting to come from Notre Dame  

Update #7 – From a friend on Facebook – “Miracles have happened in Paris as some of the interior including the altar, pews and cross appear to have survived the Notre Dame cathedral fire so far. Fire in the roof above it not out but so far ceiling appears to be holding…Prayers work!”

Update #8 – Why the Non-Catholic Weeps for Notre Dame, Too 

Update #9 – 10 Glimpses of Hope, History, and Heroes inside Notre Dame (National Catholic Register)

Update #10 – Local images from a French source 

Update #11 – I have read that more than 700 million dollars has been pledged to rebuild.

Update #12 – Rebuild Notre Dame in 5 years (some rather amazing video in this link too)

Pray for Notre Dame

Pray for France

Our Lady of Lourdes…Pray for Us 

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