Christmas 2021: Gift ideas for every Catholic on your list

Now that we have officially entered the Advent Season and look toward the Christmas Season, I know many people have already begun to think about the gifts that they will buy for family and friends this year. As we all know, there are so many options online to choose from, however, I would highly encourage you to support small businesses, but particularly small Catholic businesses. Below are some of the businesses that I support and advertise on this website.

SOCK RELIGIOUS – Catholic Socks for your feet. With socks like these, you will be walking like the Saints in no time. They come in both adult and kid sizes.

CATHOLIC BALM CO – Beard Balms and Oils for the man in your life that grows a beard. They also have a mustache balm, lip balm, a lotion bar, perfume/cologne, and deodorant. I am a huge fan of their beard balms. My favorites are Holy Smokes (smells like incense), Chrism (smells like Baptism!), and Saint Nicholas Blend (reminds me of Christmas).

Color Street Nails. I wouldn’t be a very good husband if I didn’t promote my wife’s small business. These are great stocking stuffers for all the women in your life. From what my wife tells me, these are game-changers for women. I hope you will support my wife and tell all the women in your life about these great nails.

Catholic Family Crate. A simple way to celebrate Catholic culture as a family. I will be an affiliate for them soon. You will see them on my website in the future.

Be a Heart. Original works and collections from Erica Tighe Campbell. Other items include textiles, apparel, accessories, party goods, and prints. I will be an affiliate for this shop soon.

CHEWSLIFE – Creates handmade Rosaries for Children, Women, and Men. My wife and I have a few of the chewable rosaries for our youngest son. They also sell other devotionals and have some great resources for Praying the Rosary.

Small Things Great Love – Rosaries and other religious items. Allison is a friend of mine from Franciscan University of Steubenville. My wife and I have one of her wall rosaries for our boys’ bedroom. We have received many compliments on it. We have bought a few for our Godchildren.

REGINA CIGARS – Smoking cigars has become a new trend among many. I know a lot of Catholic guy friends that enjoy a cigar from time to time often associated with a good glass of bourbon, scotch, or a good beer. G.K. Chesterton once said, “The Catholic Church is like a thick steak, a glass of red wine, and a good cigar.”

WORTHY OF AGAPE – Founded by Amanda Sloan, Worthy of Agape sells many great items for the youngest saints among us. One item that is constantly selling on her site is Mass Sets. I know that once our boys get a little older, we will have this for them to “play Mass.” She also sells Saint Pegs, Ornaments, Blankets, T-shirts, and some arts and craft items.

HOLYART – A Catholic religious store from Italy that is online.

CATHOLICSHOP.COM – A huge inventory of Catholic religious items.

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